Deroni's history dates back to 1991, and today, 28 years later, the company is one of the leading groups in Bulgaria, a leader in canned food production, operating in more than 14 countries around the world.


Deroni owns 3 manufacturing enterprises in the cities of Stara Zagora and Haskovo with 14 production lines for the production of various product groups as well as a plant for growing seedlings.


Raw materials for production are grown in the largest vegetable gardens in Bulgaria "Deroni Gardens", located on 3020 decares of drip irrigated land in the Upper Thracian Valley (in the land of  village of Bogomilovo). Every year, over 8 million vegetable plants are grown in Deroni Gardens: red and green peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, gherkins, cherry tomatoes, and more.


The completely closed production process, starting from small seeds, allows healthy and tasty vegetables to be grown, resulting in delicious and nutritious products on the shelves.


We have set ourselves a noble goal - to produce a variety of products that are naturally delicious, with quality to meet the needs of our beloved consumers - coarsely ground lutenitsa, homemade lutenitsa, reproducing the home-made production of lutenitsa, finely ground lutenitsa, ajvar, ketchup, pasta sauces no added sugar, pasta sauces, pizza sauces, special sauces for meat, barbecue and grill sauces, traditional sauces, classic sauces, dressing sauces, soy sauces, chili sauces, pesto, pasta, vegetable cans, ready-to-eat vegetable meals.


To produce naturally delicious products with quality to meet the needs of our beloved consumers. For that reason, we have created Deroni Gardens.


In order to achieve high quality production, we have built our own greenhouses, where we grow various vegetable plants - peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, with implemented software system for monitoring humidity, temperature and water.


Under the constant care of a team of professional agronomists, different vegetable seedlings are grown. Specially created software monitors humidity in greenhouses and air temperature. The required amount of water is supplied per hour - double filtered and purified.



Deroni Gardens are located in the sunny Upper Thracian Valley of Southern Bulgaria. They have been producing delicious and healthy vegetables for 14 years. In order to grow healthy and delicious vegetables, we have implemented an innovative and REVOLUTIONARY METHOD.


First, we heal the land by sowing certain types of green plants. Their task is to clear the land from weeds, pathogenic microorganisms and enrich it with organic green mass. After that, we built a drainage under all fields of 3020 decares, so that in case of heavy rains, the water is immediately drained and does not remain on the surface. In this way, we keep the land healthy and fertile without the development of pathogenic microorganisms.



In summer, we water the vegetables with clear, filtered water to make sure we have grown genuine natural vegetables. Now the healthy and fertile land is grateful and in return we get a rich harvest of healthy and tasty vegetables. Red and green peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, gherkins - needed for our production.


In the summer and the autumn we collect the ripe vegetables and hours after that we grill and produce them in the deroni’s factories. In the season every day we collect up to  60-70 tons of the specified vegetables.

Once we have secured the most important thing for production - the raw materials - vegetables from Deroni Gardens, we have built 3 production factories with 14 technological lines. In this way, we fulfill our goal of producing a variety of product groups, as Lutenitsas and Ajvars, created by a technology that reproduces the domestic production of Lutenitsa and Ajvar. Each factory has a modern laboratory for continuous control of production processes. A complete record of each process is made during the production. International audits are made as well.


The three factories are certified according all the necessary European standards. All this enables us to produce set quality products without preservatives. The final results are naturally tasty products of quality that our loyal consumers require. Long-term teams of technologists and specialists are taking care all this to be possible.